BILLY THE KID sagen ihre komplette Europatournee ab. Schade, schade hätten wir gerne gesehen die Boys aus Costa Rica. Wir gehen jetzt erstmal rutschen und bleiben cool. AG Booking hat bereits einen fetten Karpfen an der Angel. Cheers Leudde

Statement von den Billy´s:
„We are sorry to announce that our tour around Europe has been cancelled.
Even with all the support and effort that these amazing people put to keep our 10th Europe tour alive, whom we are deeply thankful for it, some personal matters and time isn’t right for us at the moment. Wasn’t our idea to cancel this trip at the beginning but this personal matter is out of our hands, putting us in this position.
We want to give a sincere apology to our friends and promoters for cancelling these shows. Also this decision was made with all the support from MAD Booking whom has been extremely reasonable, we appreciate all the hard work made for this tour and we are really sorry for any inconvenience caused.
We expect to reschedule this tour as soon as possible and bring all the energy we have to give with this new album.“

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